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  • Online toolbox for bio-based procurement to make buyers’ lives easier


    The European project InnProBio has launched an online toolbox for bio-based procurement in the public sector. The toolbox is designed to assist public buyers considering alternatives to plastics produced from fossil fuel based materials.

    cThe toolbox includes an online database of bio-based products and suppliers, good practice examples, procurement instruments and standard tender text blocks. The toolbox is available in English, German, Dutch and Polish.

    The toolbox is meant to be a starting point for public buyers to get informed about the various bio-based products available on the market. It includes a database of products and suppliers of bio-based products. Information about the bio-based content, sustainability, functionality and end-of-life aspects such as biodegradability are also included. Claims are supported by references to standards, technical sheets, labels and certificates. Producers and suppliers of bio-based products are invited to add their products to the database.

    In addition to the database, the online toolbox provides a number of instruments that can support the procurement of bio-based products: good practice examples showing how bio-based procurement is successfully implemented in practice, information on procurement instruments most relevant in bio-based procurement, and sample ‘tender text blocks’ that can be used when putting together tender documents.

    Visit the InnProBio website at or the online toolbox directly at

  • Surrounded by potential: new science in converting biomass

    Surrounded by potential: new science in converting biomass [12-10-17]

    In every plant—from trees to crops—there exists a substance that makes up its wood or stems, fiber, and cell walls. This substance is a complex natural polymer called lignin, and it is the second largest renewable carbon source on the planet after cellulose.  [more]

  • Making the Difference!

    Making the Difference! [11-10-17]

    Ready for the European Bioplastics Conference? As the end of the year approaches, so does each year the date of the key annual bioplastics event in Europe, the EUBC. This year, the conference will take place for the 12th time on 28-29 November 2017, at the MARITIM proArte Hotel in Berlin, Germany.  [more]

  • First automotive refinish coating with bio-based hardener

    First automotive refinish coating with bio-based hardener [10-10-17]

    During this year’s World Solar Challenge, currently being driven in Australia, Covestro, in particular will be watching closly. It is testing a biobased coating on the German entry, the Sonnenwagen.  [more]

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