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Cover issue 02/2018 (Mar/Apr)zoom

Issue 02/18 (Mar/Apr):

The new issue should now be on our reader's desks. The highlights are Toys and Thermoforming/Rigid Packaging. In the Basics section we'll have closer look at Mechanical Recycling

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The next issue 03/18 (May/June) will highlight Injection moulding and Additives/Masterbatches the Basics section we'l have a closer look at Castor oil. 

We also want to have a closer look on India.

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The deadline for issue 02/2018 is May 4th, 2018.

bioplastics MAGAZINE is the only independent trade magazine worldwide dedicated to bioplastics (i.e. plastics made from renewable resources and/or biodegradable/ compostable plastics). The print magazine is being published 6 times a year. This website offers additional information.


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The upcoming issue is No. 02/2018 (Mar/Apr)

  • Injection Moulding
  • Additives / Masterbatches
  • BASICS: Castor Oil

  • India

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  • Bioplastics: Basics, Applications, Markets

    Bioplastics: Basics, Applications, Markets

    Petroleum is not an inexhaustible resource, and it is becoming ever more expensive. Burning of petroleum products (including plastics) has an impact on climate change. Bioplastics can offer an alternative in this regard. Bioplastics are on the one hand biobased plastics and on the other hand may well be biodegradable plastics ... [more]


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