bio!PAC 2017


With this form you can register for the bio!PAC Business Breakfast on May 4-6, 2017 in Düsseldorf/Germany. The fee for bio!PAC includes beverages and breakfast snacks as well as documentation. It also includes free entry to the trade fair interpack 2017 and public transportation in the greater Düsseldorf area - (except taxi).

Conference fees see on the right.

We will send you an invoice after your registration.

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Registration is still possible, however, by now we need payment via credit card or PayPal, in order to send yout voucher codes in time.

An Interpack ticket is included - AND YOU NEED THE INTERPACK TICKET, because the conference in INSIDE the fairgrounds.

Please make sure to register and pay in time, so that we can send you your voucher code(s).

The voucher codes MUST BE REDEEMED IN ADVANCE and the tickets must be printed out. There is no chance on-site to print the tickets (especially early in the morning).


I will participate on the following bio!PAC day(s):

04 May 2017: Biobased packaging materials & possibilities
05 May 2017: Innovations & inspiration by brand owners
06 May 2017: Biobased packaging & the Bio-Economy

                                            (Subject to changes, see updated programme)

Special Discount Service:
Please uncheck the respective boxes if you do not want to participate in all three days


Once in a while we send our readers special information via e-mail from businesses or organizations that we think might be interesting for you. If you do not want to receive such e-mails, please tick the following box. You can always stop us sending such e-mails by sending us an e-mail with the note: "opt-out".


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If you'd like to pay by PAYPAL, you'll find more information after finalizing the registration process.

And if you want to pay by bank transfer (wire), simply finalize the registration and wait for our invoice by e-mail.  (Make sure the money arrives at our bank account by May 2nd latest, otherwise access to the conference will only be possible if you bring a valid credit card. 


Cancellation Policy

Conference fee:

€ 549.00* for subscribers

€ 599.00* standard fee (includes a free one year subscription = 6 issues**)

discounted conference fee for TWO days:

€ 449.00* for subscribers

€ 499.00* standard fee (includes a free one year subscription = 6 issues**)

Discounted conference fee for ONE day:

€ 299.00* for subscribers

€ 349.00* standard fee (includes a free one year subscription = 6 issues**)

*: plus 19% VAT (where applicable)

**: ends automatically. No automatic renewal !