BASF to showcase new biodegradable courier bags at Chinaplas 2017


A new courier packaging bag made from BASF’s biodegradable polymer ecovio can helps to reduce the white pollution threat resulting from a surge in parcel deliveries in China

cSeeking an environmentally-friendly solution to the waste problem that is being created by the mounting volume of parcel deliveries, BASF has come up with the idea of a new courier bag that is made from its biodegradable ecovio material. Ecovio offers the performance qualities demanded for use in courier applications, yet is compostable and biodegradable. The company has collaborated with the major downstream partners on the development of the new courier bags.

As Dr. Johannes Becker, Director of Global Marketing Biopolymers at BASF pointed out: “Rapid industrialization, economic growth and increasing environmental awareness are driving demand for sustainable living in China. BASF is committed to helping the country meet these challenges through the use of such innovative and sustainable plastics solutions.”

At Chinaplas 2017 (Booth 11.2A41, May 16-19), BASF is also presenting biodegradable mulch film made of ecovio. Unlike conventional plastic mulch film, this new biodegradable mulch film technology will not pollute the soil; films made with ecovio can simply be plowed into the soil after harvest, where they will biodegrade into CO2, water and biomass.

BASF’s certified compostable and biobased polymer ecovio is an essential part of a closed-loop system: cups, plates, cutlery and other items made of or coated with ecovio can first be collected in certified compostable bags, also made of ecovio, and then sent to a composting facility where they will quickly and cost-effectively decompose into CO2, water and biomass. The resulting high-quality compost can then be used to improve the soil quality of farms in China.